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About us

Leading slovenian manufacturer of professional drumsticks

DynaVox drumsticks are a product of well-known Slovenian quality that completely satisfies the requirements of     professional drummers. The production process, material used, 32 years of development and experience and very tight manufacturing tolerances provide a durable and exceptional product with the following distinctive qualities:

  1. Sound: top quality wood guarantees excellent sound and rebound from the sticks
  2. Balance: geometrically designed for maximum speed, power and response
  3. Reliability: constant quality ensures sticks keep their straightness
  4. Durability: wood and plastic tips are guaranteed to last and maintain tone
  5. Surface: suitable for dry and damp hands; model specification can also be by request:

The range of 20 standard models has been chosen to satisfy every style of drumming.

  • Models 2A, 3A, 5A, 5AB, 6A, 7A, 7AS, 7AD, 5AD, 5B and 55B FR, 2B , Heavy Ball, Power Heart are made with a wooden tip.
  • Models  7AN, 5AN, 3AN, 2AN, 5HN and 5SN have durable Nylon tips.
  • Model UV Nigth Ligth is a red/green drumstick that glows in ultraviolet light.

The lengths of sticks are from 370 to 450 millimetres; the diameters where gripped are from 12.7 to 16.6 millimetres.

The material from which they are made assures a long life and optimal balance: Cornus, American red hickory or Maple.

Low factory preices, custom models possible…


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