Bass / kick logo

Do you wish to have a LOGO on your bass drum?

Custom bass drum skins are a must-have for ensembles of all types and sizes. A plain skin on your bass drum is nothing more than an opportunity wasted for your band.

Why not use the most exposed area in a way that proves much more useful?
Your potential fans will no longer wonder: “This is a great band – what’s it called again?”

DynaVox specializes in graphic design and production of LOGOs – which are then attached to the existing 20 or 22-inch bass/kick drum front skin.

logo bass

Have you already prepared a specific graphic template or an idea that you would like to use? Template can be hand-drawn on white paper or sent in JPG, PDF, etc. formats – and in high resolution.

Send it by email or by post.

  1. Production process:
    In the final stage of production, the logo is colour-printed on a thin white self-adhesive vinyl and cut to fit the size of the skin. You should also include the following information: whether your drum skin has a hole and its exact location.
  2. The price for graphic design, printing and vinyl cutting:
  • Your logo + our integrated DynaVox logo: 60.0€ + shipping
  • Only DynaVox logo 50x 180 mm on white vinyl: 10.0€ + shipping

Logo can easily be permanently attached to your skin according to assembly instructions. Assembly time: a few minutes