Custom DynaVox Sticks

Also, there are those who prefer to use the authentic DynaVox drumsticks. For custom-made series, we tend to offer the drummer much more than just logo design. In the DynaVox company a great deal more will be done for each and every drummer: geometry by demand, selected hickory & cornus family, special Antislip surfaces, 15 different types of wooden and 3 types of Nylon tips, weight inside perfect pair +- 0,5 gram, same length, extremely straight sticks. In addition, they remain exceptionally durable. How could you possibly want anything more…

After testing our product, the drummers remain loyal to us for a very long time, usually their entire music career…
Everything is smooth and easy with DynaVox – we have been producing the perfect sticks for the last 38 years…

Do not wonder anymore… simply test them!

Why deciding on DynaVox drumsticks?

Has any of your friends ever offered an advice as how to overcome the problem of deciding on the perfect drumsticks?
Of course they have. But what does this actually involve? Are you discouraged by the high number next to the “€” symbol? This, however, may not be your only problem.
The number of suppliers of drumsticks on the market is on the rise. The manufacturers are saving on high quality of wood or there is simply none of such quality to choose from. In accordance with their legislation the Americans are today using solely the plantation teak which they planted themselves a few years ago. This type of teak grows too fast and results in materials of low density as well as being more brittle. The mechanical properties of such wood are consequently not the same as that of naturally grown wood. The problem is evident from the premature wear and tear of the drumsticks. When placed in hands of the more hardcore drummers the drumsticks could even break instantly. The use of such products is thus poor and searching for new ones can prove time-consuming.
In addition, when you decide to buy a new pair, the retailers no longer have them in stock. Consequently you are forced to compromise, which often leads to a vicious circle of experimentation. You then find yourself at the very beginning of the problem. Some colleagues of mine spent a number of years tackling the problem, with high costs as a result of having done around 10 different tests. They found the drum sounds generated by randomly picked drumsticks unsatisfactory. Also, the tips having been chipped off too quickly tended to downgrade the sound of the precious ride cymbals to the sound of an amateur. A solution to the problem is thus at hand. While you keep on experimenting with materials of poor quality, your costs are about to increase.

The drummers who have not yet covered all the ABCs of their technique might experience even worse problems. These are reflected in the slow progress of developing a technique, which consequently altogether leads to losing your touch when playing. The combination of a less developed technique and poor quality of drumsticks can even result in medical problems. You could experience muscle tension in your arm, which can slow down the process of encouraging fast growth. If this proves to be an ongoing practice, some may experience problems in their wrist, later even in their elbows. However, finding a way around the problem of choosing the perfect drumsticks will enable you to focus the positive energy on developing your musical ideas and keep pace with your fellow friends.

Here at DynaVox we have 38 years of experience in manufacturing drumsticks for the most demanding customers. We provide you with the professional support and consulting, all models are always in stock and we offer express delivery. Our materials are carefully chosen: red American hickory, cornus wood, maple and xylopia of the best quality. More than 1200 DynaVox custom-made or standard models of drumsticks are used by professional or amateur drummers every day. Our naturally grown and hard »red American hickory« is of outstanding quality and guarantees an extremely sturdy drumstick with a long lifespan even if used by the most powerful »heavy hitters«. Drumsticks made of wood red hickory & cornus meet the needs of anyone who is aiming at the more durable and a little lighter drumsticks. Cornus wood is really special. It produces a continuous mellow tone on cymbals, a good volume of the drums, there is a nice feel in the hand without any vibrations. The drumsticks made of hickory prove helpful in developing your technique and are aimed at those who expect lightness and speed. Maple drumsticks are suitable for jazz and similar types of music. We offer up to 11.3 million of different drumstick models whether you wish them to be standard or custom-made.

DynaVox products are known for their long lifespan and maintaining an excellent balance. In order to keep our customers satisfied we intend to fulfil a promise of 35 years ago and offer these superior drumsticks at a fair price.

Keep on Drumming

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