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In the beginning  there was Rhythm…

On the day of visiting the Carpathians  32 years ago, my friend and I found ourselves deep in its woods. From time to time the crowing of a capercaillie could be heard. It was an everlasting morning. Slopes, pathless terrain and vast hollows were our sole companions. In whichever direction I turned, the beauty of cornus was everywhere. I suddenly felt touched by it and it seemed as if I was being watched because right then a little thought popped into my mind »Again someone who wants to use me for fire?” However, this was not my intention. I could notice its fear and thus promised to love and honour him as well as take him with me to the gala concert halls. There we shall make rhythm and music using a fresh approach.

Only those who felt ready were invited to enter my home with me. Eventually, he let me in on his secret.

People tend to wonder “Where does this beauty originate from?” But this is our secret that brings joy to all well-minded people.


DynaVox durable drumsticks made of Cornus  wood


Hickory wood is not only optimal material to be used as a drumstick tool. American manufacturers prefer this kind of wood because it grows in America. As is already known, for the last 30 years drumstick manufacturers, in general, have not come up with any original idea or demonstrated any knowledge that would urge them to select some other (better) wood materials. This has led to the situation that almost every drummer in the world feels COMPELLED to buy/use mostly hickory sticks. Consequently, he/she is faced with this everlasting issue and to make things worse is forced to spend a great deal of money on such expensive sticks. Surely, the situation proves lucrative for the manufacturer, but not as much for the drummers…

With all hickory sticks there exist problems within the rimshot area resulting in: low overall durability of sticks + low durability of wooden tips on sticks + vibrations felt between the fingers and in the hand.

Cornus wood sticks represent a quick solution to aforementioned problems.

We proudly introduce DynaVox drumsticks carved to fit our philosophy – Cornus uncovered!

Cornus wood adds a great neutral feel to the hand and prevents vibrations between fingers and inside the hand. Drumsticks made of cornus wood offer hard surface and extreme durability. We have spent a lot of time searching and selecting a special  wood material for the new generations of drumsticks…

Thousands of professional drummers have already tested the new generations of DynaVox drumsticks.  Prior to DynaVox drumsticks, they had all been using sticks made of hickory or oak wood. After having tested DynaVox sticks, 95% of them confirmed that cornus wood is an outstanding drumstick material. Today they are using a preferred model from the DynaVox standard program.